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Did you know the U.S Aerial Championships is one of the most recognized competitions in the country? Submissions to enter are still open and there’s more than just pole you can submit for! And anyone from around the world can enter! What??? Check out the 10 reason here on why your should submit…     1.    $1000 prize for winners AND they support their winners year-round, including introductions to talent scouts, Cirque du Soleil, and Studios/Shows/Schools to further your career, as well as invitations to networking events, invitations to sit on panel discussions and attend circus & entertainment networking events.   2.    Cirque du Soleil Talent Scout Samuel Roy is joining the judges panel for all categories!           3.    One Pole: 15′ tall, static, spin, or both. Show the non-pole world that you are capable of engaging the audience with your routine on one pole. As a professional pole dancer, 99% of your paid performances will be performed on one pole. 4.    Take Center Stage! The stunning black box theater provides a clean background on a gorgeous stage for you to showcase your talent!                       5.    Custom light and curtain cues on a stage with custom rig designed and approved by Ben Schiffer, the U.S. Aerial head-rigger who comes from Cirque du Soleil.                         6.    Amazing backstage with 2 dressing rooms, makeup mirrors, warm-up/rehearsal room, & green room 7.    Live Stream is free and over 15,000 people tune in to watch you all over the world!               8.    Professional photos by Cristian Buitron. Check them out at! 9.    Professional video – check out last year’s videos at   10. Must submit a video – only the best of the best get in.  Submit your video before the Jan 1 deadline at! SUBMIT NOW!       

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