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Join UPA on August 30th at the Brass Ring in Chicago for a night full of sexy performances and good times! For the first time, we are opening up voting to the public for the Bringing Sexy Back Poster Contest! Party goers will be able to choose their top 5 favorite pictures that were entered into the 2015 BSB Poster Contest! Drinks will be available! There is a $10 suggested donation at the door. We will be live streaming this event at the Brass Ring for anyone who can’t make it to event in person and we will also have voting online, open to the general public, so ANYONE can vote, no hassle! For the past two years, UPA has hosted a private voting party for polers and non-polers, males, females, young and older to get the most unbiased votes possible. This year, we decided to make this a public event so anyone is invited! If you’re a pole dancer, we encourage you to bring someone who doesn’t pole to this party! We want to get the opinions of all different types of people and we don’t want this to just be a popularity contest in the pole community. We ask our voters to pick their favorite pictures based on quality of the picture, sexiness of the picture (whatever sexy means to you!), and if the picture would look great on a poster! Please note: VOTING WILL NOT BE OPEN ONLINE UNTIL AUGUST 30TH! If you have any questions, please email!

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