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Professional Division

Pole Comedy:  Andrea and Stevie

Pole Drama: Marcin Miller

Pole Classique: Lea Roth

Overall Winner: Marcin Miller

Semi Pro Division

Pole Art: Angeliki Anastasopoulou

Pole Drama: Amaryllis Nightwish

Pole Classique: Lilli Daschle

Overall Winner: Angeliki Anastasopoulou

Amateur Division

Pole Art Beginner: Maria Priscilla

Pole Art Advanced: Ariel Edesess

Pole Comedy Beginner:  Mich Piazza

Pole Comedy Advanced: Danielle Reck

Pole Drama Beginner: Alina Kazakova

Pole Drama Advanced: Laura Hatchell

Pole Classique Beginner: Jennifer Coughlan

Pole Classique Advanced:  Caroline Kindregan

Overall Winner:  Laura Hatchell

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