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I am so excited to share this list of pole dancer must-haves because there is at least one item on this list you are going to fall in love with! Whether it will improve your flexibility, build strength, or work out your bodies kinks you are sure to develop a mild obsession with your at home training sessions after trying out these fitness accessories!

1. Yoga Blocks 

Why You Need It:  To take your splits to the next level!

Yoga blocks can assist you in a myriad of ways as a pole dancer. I find them especially helpful in splits training. First, when you are working towards your splits they extend your reach the floor so you can sit on top of your hips and later, placed under your foot for oversplits training. Use them also during warm-ups to extend your reach in forward folds, support your neck in headstands, place it under your hip in pigeon pose, the possibilities are endless!

 2. Yoga Strap

Why You Need It: To perfect your Ballerina!

Can’t seem to reach your foot or your other hand? Grab a yoga strap! Yoga straps are great in not only extending your reach, but in assisting in pulling legs up, back, or just closer to the body. My favorite way is to loop the strap around your foot in pigeon pose and use it pull your foot closer to your head or hands. You can do the same thing in King’s Dancer Pose and in the splits. All of these poses will help you open up your hips and bring flexibility to your back, keys skills for a beautiful Ballerina pose on the pole!

3. Foam roller
Why You Need It: Aid in your flexibility!

If you don’t have a foam roller drop everything and go get one at once! They are beautiful, torturous heaven in a tube of foam. Use it to roll out tight muscles after training. You can see marked improvement in your splits, backbends, and general flexibility by adding a foam roller into your daily routine. I prefer the spiky foam roller to really dig into muscles, but ease in your muscles with a smooth roller to start with.

4. Spiky Massage Balls

Why You Need It: To massage out tight, hard-to-reach areas!

Ever get a knot in-between your shoulders? Tension in your booty? Super tight hips? Spiky massage balls are the best way to get to deeper points of muscle aches and pains. Yes, they can be super painful when you are rolling out a particularly tense area, but the results…ahhhhhh BLISS!

 5. Pull up bar

 Why You Need It: To power through arm-only climbs!

Sometimes you can’t make it to the pole studio, tragic I know, but that doesn’t mean you need to skip out on your training! Install a pull up bar in your home door frame and work on building your upper body strength. A pull-up bar is great for more than just pull-ups, use it to build core strength by doing hanging leg raises and focus on your shoulder’s by doing hanging shoulder shrugs. You will be amazing by your improved strength next time you are in the pole studio!

Fitness Accessories Wishlist! 

6. Pointe Stretcher 

Why You Want It: To get a gorgeous pointe of course!

If you’ve heard “Point your F**ing Toes!” more times than you can count, then you need to add a pointe stretcher to your wishlist! They might look like medieval torture devices … and they are, but if you ease into it you will see a dramatic improvement in your first use! Just make sure to take days off and allow your ligaments to recover.

7. Center Split Stretcher

Why You Want It: To get your center splits!

 As the priciest item on the list this is definitely a wishlist piece, but if you are craving a envy-inducing center over-split then save your pennies because this is the tool you want. 

8. Grip Strengthener or Squeeze Ball

Why You Want It: To never worry about losing your grip again!

From the most expensive to the least expensive item on the list.
This unassuming piece of equipment will improve your finger, hand, and wrist strength. This is a great item for those who feel like their hands are too small for the pole or those who lose strength in their hands during their pole training. Just pull out your grip strengthener while watching TV and squeeze away during commercials to see improvement in your grip!

Have your tried any of the items on the list? What would you add?

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