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My first pole class

It was winter. I don’t know if you know anything about winters in Ohio, but sometimes they are not so fun. Short, cold, grey days. No fluffy snow, just sludge and grey and dreariness. It was an Ohio winter that spurred me to take my first pole class.

Initially a few friends were supposed to join me. Then, about five minutes before class began, I started getting texts and voice mails. Can’t make it, stuck at work. Can’t make it, I’m sick. Can’t make it, can’t make it, can’t make it.

So I was all alone.

I walked down the stairs into the studio, where there was a class just finishing up. I saw several women with happy, flushed faces flying around the pole, twirling and spinning and looking like they were having the time of their lives. And the instructor was so very elegant and graceful it made my jaw drop.

Like, I’m sure, many first time polers, I figured I too would soon be whirling around effortlessly, weightlessly, gracefully. The instructor introduced herself and talked a little about how she’d gotten into pole, then walked us through a warmup. I felt like I was on FIRE. Couldn’t wait to try my hand at one of those spins!

Then it was the moment of truth. She demonstrated a basic fireman spin for us, then broke it down thoroughly, then had us give it a go. Whoa. Hard. Why am I sliding straight down? Why do I feel like a zebra on roller skates? Where is my effortless, weightless, graceful spin???? I was a true hot mess.

Nothing went right. I felt ungainly and wondered if I’d ever get any of it right. Frankly, I was a little discouraged right out of the gate. BUT…. The other women in my class were so very sweet and encouraging, and my instructor was just the kindest woman ever. I felt so at home with them despite my lackluster efforts when actually on the pole. Like so many women, I found that pole dancing fed something deep inside me long before it ever changed my physical self.

So here’s to the women I took that first class with, and here’s to my instructor who remained encouraging even on my worst days. I owe you all one. XOXOXO

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