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OMG! The government made another horrible decision! Are we surprised at the ignorance of these people? They won’t let Russian girls go to the the United States for a pole dance competition because they think it’s all about a sex ring operation. That’s because there is so much of that still going on. The fact of the matter is, this country is uptight and prude when it comes to sex. They would much rather condone sending innocent men and women to a war that makes no sense, then they would let someone choose what they do with their own body sexually. Let’s get real, and remember what it is we are doing here. Pole dancing derives from strippers, end of story. There is nothing wrong with strippers, or stripping. What is wrong is the the mis-guided stigma attached to them. But guess what, that is not going to change any time soon. Everyone thinks that pole dancing should be in the Olympics, that pole dancing is a sport. So, should Lyra be in the Olympics, should Silks, Trapeze and Hand Balancing be in the Olympics too, because they all fall in the same category. Pole dancing belongs in our hearts, and on stages in front of people who cherish and believe in it. The more we do that, the longer we do that, the further we will go. We have already grown so much in the last few years. 5 years ago, when I was stripping in nude clubs, I would have never guessed I would be where I am today, or as a whole where pole dancing would be. It amazes me the amount of growth since then. So let’s put ourselves another 5 years from now. What do you think will have happened by then? Perhaps the US Embassy would be happy to grant Russian pole dancers their visas. To be completely honest, when I was working in L.A., I saw flocks of Russian girls come to our clubs, and watched as illegal goings on happened right in front of me. It sucked! It was horrible the things that happened. Of course the Embassy was hesitant. It’s unfortunate that these young ladies have to be put in that category, one that they clearly do not belong in. But it happens to other types of people everyday. It happened, and still does happen to african americans, and now it happens to the middle eastern people. It used to be that way for actresses, everyone labeled them as prostitutes, even ballet dancers back in the early 1900’s were considered foul and disgusting. It’s too bad what other people think, and that others fall upon their hindrances, but that is the nature of growth and realization. This will take time. Instead of focusing on “What the US Embassy Did to Pole Dancers”, let’s just focus on ourselves. Worrying about what the rest of the world thinks is wasted energy. We know how great we are and what we are doing is good. The nay sayers, they may come around, they may not, but, we will still go on. My heart goes out to those ladies who could not travel to the US to do what they love most. But, who knows, they could be a catalyst. There has to be a first in everything.  

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