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I understand the draw of spinny pole. I do. Make beautiful shapes and hold them while the pole twirls you ’round and ’round and ’round. Yummy! But today I’m making a case for static pole work. I feel like I don’t see nearly as much static work as I used to, and I miss it. So here are my top three static pole only videos. Watch and be amazed at what is possible when you move around the pole rather than having the pole move for you!

#1 – Yvonne Smink and Vladimir Karachunov

WTF. That was my reaction when I watched this video for the first time. And the second. And the third. And the dozen times after that. Who needs spin pole when you can bend the pole to your will and move on it like these two? It is one of my top jaw-drops-every-time inspirational videos.

#2 – Marlo Fisken, Glassdrops

Rewind, watch, rewind, watch, rewind, watch. Flip out alone in your room and wish you had some pole friends there with you RIGHT NOW to be amazed with. It’s an “experiment,” she says. Well, I can tell you right now that none of my pole experiments have ever looked like that. :/ She is simply amazing.

#3 – More Vladimir Karachunov

OK, I’ll admit it. I have a giant pole crush on this guy. He. just. seems. so. happy. And he is incredible. Seriously incredible. Like, whaaaaat is he doing, and how is he doing it? Hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as I do, over and over. STATIC POLE FTW. <3

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