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I began dancing ballet at the age of seven. When I was growing up, I was very inflexible and my dance teachers told me that my lack of flexibility was holding me back and that I might want to find another sport to participate in. Most children are limber when they’re younger and almost all the girls I danced with had all three splits. Instead of quitting ballet, which I loved, I dedicated myself to a daily stretching regimen of going to the studio half an hour early to stretch before ballet class and then stretching again before bed. I got my splits at 16. I moved to LA in 2005 to attend Loyola Marymount University where I completed a pre-physical therapy program. While in college, I took my first pole dance class with Leigh Ann Orsi of BeSpun for my birthday in April 2007. Since then, I’ve become the studio’s manager and an instructor, competed in several national and international competitions including USPDF and Pole Art, and currently perform with the Girl Next Door show in Los Angeles. I also do dancewear modeling for Kelly Maglia Couture and Triple Threat Dancewear and am an X-Pole girl. I recently became a USPDF Pro by placing 2nd in the USPDF Amateur national competition and am an AFA certified group fitness instructor and a master trainer for the X-Pert training program. In 2010, I created the video series Fitness Training for Pole Dancers because I’ve seen how increasing my flexibility has helped my pole dancing and allowed to me to execute more moves and create beautiful lines on the pole. Becoming more flexible than I ever thought possible has been a huge confidence booster for me and I’m looking forward to helping other women and men explore the possibilities of what their bodies can achieve! Check out Amy’s website Bendability Fitness! Click on the banner! Watch Amy in our Pole Dance Life Videos!

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