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Why is it so difficult to find the physical beauty in ourselves?

Inner Beauty

When you ask a person what they like about themselves, the answers usually center on inner beauty. I am a great mom/dad, I am smart, I am a hard worker, etc. And I think inner beauty is fantastic–-it’s who we are, how we love, what we give to and get from life.

What About Outer Beauty?

But women in particular seem trained to not be able to appreciate their own physical beauty. I fall into this trap. I think most of us do. If we find even one small negative thing about the way we look, we obsess over that thing to the point where we can’t find anything positive to appreciate about the way we look. That small spot of negativity breeds, and before we know it we don’t feel right in our own skin … because we see that skin as flawed.

If you ask almost any woman to name something about her PHYSICAL self that she likes, it seems the answers are so difficult to come by–-or they come with apologies or caveats. “I like my nose BUT hate my mouth” … or “I would love my hair … IF it weren’t so frizzy.”

Well, no more of that crazy talk! Why do we feel the need to apologize for seeing something good in our own looks? Maybe it’s because we don’t want to seem vain. Maybe it’s because we really can’t see those attractive physical attributes. Maybe it’s for some reason we don’t even know about.
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Everyone, please, tell me at least one thing that you love about the way you look. NO excuses, no IFs or BUTs or BECAUSEs, no disclaimers. Look in the mirror and for once, just admit that you have hotness staring back at you! Like your nose? Have shiny hair? What about your great shoulders? Anything–find at least one physical attribute you love and proclaim it loud and proud!

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