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Last Friday, we lost a pole sister.  Ashley Guindon was shot and killed while on duty for her first shift ever as a police officer.  We are filled with sorrow writing this to you and our hearts and thoughts go out to her family and her pole family.  Ashely was a student at Dollhouse Pole Fitness in Virginia.  We found some beautiful words that she wrote about her experience at Dollhouse. Written on December 15, 2013. I’ve been at Doll House for a little over 2 month’s. Doll House has actually done two great things for me. Doll House has helped me with being able to forget my troubles and problems outside of class. Long story short, it truly erases all of my stress and worries, and allows me to be in the moment and enjoy myself. It’s great therapy for me, and I wish I could pole everyday. Also, pole has helped me accept my body as it is right now. I’ve always been self conscious with certain parts about me, but wearing booty shorts and poling in a judge free environment, I’ve realized that it just doesn’t really matter and I can’t compare myself to others. I love that everyone is of all different shapes and ethnicities and I can just embrace being myself and what I was given. I have learned to love my “flaws” and I just use what I have! Thank you, Ashley Guindon

To read the full story about our pole sister on, click ========> Pole dancing fad

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