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Written by AM Davies – Photo Credit: Brynne Levy, Sage Sovereighn, Frankie Msgendered, Blaine Petrovia, Cheeky Lane, 

Yes, you read that title correctly, Instagram censors everyBODYvisible.  They have censored the anti-censorship campaign, further proving our point.  IG execs have turned their profiles private, they have blocked the @everybodyvisible account.  They have taken notice.  We thought maybe this would be it for us, but we are slowly finding out, we think this may just be the beginning.

Blogger on the Pole, Carolina, summed up our day of protest best…

“On 29 October 2019 – World Internet Day – a coalition of artists, sex workers, pole dancers, educators, athletes, performers and more that I am part of launched #EveryBODYVisible, a campaign to fight Instagram censorship, demand clarity about content moderation from the platform and change its approach to nudity. This post is an insider’s view on the campaign as well as an academic’s view on what it teaches us.

#EveryBODYVisible is the campaign and hashtag created by the group that obtained an apology from Instagram over the summer, after the platform censored pole dancing hashtags “in error”. If you read this blog, you’ll know yours truly teamed up with a star-studded group of pole dancers to get answers, but all we got was a PR-churned apology.”

Read the full blog post on her site here.


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