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United Pole Artists

Consulting and marketing for brand/studio owners 

Our consultants have experience running brands, opening and running studios 

and in marketing to the pole dance community.  Their success rate is evident in the results they have produces for themselves and their brands.  Take a look at some of the categories below.  Become connected to a consultant that could make all the difference for you and your brand.  There is no need to do it all alone when there are professionals that understand your needs and the niche of this industry.  

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Creating pole camps

Looking to create a pole camp or improve on an already existing one?  These consultants all have experience in that field in the states and Internationally.   There are so many things to keep in mind when planning these types of events.  The consultants listed here have created camps from the ground up.  They have the tools to guide you through this process. 

Own/Manage a pole studio

This info could be how to open, how to maintain a roster, how to create a curriculum and/or how to maintain your equipment. Furthermore, what should you charge to be able to maintain your bottom line, but keep the price affordable for your local economy.  Keep your studio doors open, that is the key.  These consultants have “been there, done that” with 

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Create or improve on event production

Not only does the UPA team have extensive knowledge on event planning, but even live streaming your event on your branded website. Our consultants have also worked at various events and planned events for years now.  There is so much to think about with the number one concern being saftey for the performers.  

Up your social media game

Social media is a mind bleep these days.  Learn how to keep your head above water, get the followers, keep from being shadowbanned and how to get your ads approved.  With these consultants, you will also figure out how to find your voice, how to communicate with your audience.  They can give you tips on how to shape your profile and best display your business without turning people off.  

Starting or improving a brand

In a saturated market, standing out from the crowd is key.  In an industry where barter is a big thing, our coaches can guide you on how to maximize your ROI and learn when to say ‘no’ or ‘yes’.  Your success is our success.  All of these consultants have experience in all departments of brand ownership.  They can help you determine your vision and build your brand around it.  They also have experience in budgeting and marketing.  

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