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There were moments when I felt my throat get tight and my eyes well up with with tears while watching women of all shapes and sizes find their sexy and live in that moment. Being there with these women, in different parts of the world in their sexy moment, I felt privileged to witness their transformation. Because that is what it was, there were transformations every time I taught my workshop, The Joy of Sexy. Even if the student already had sexy in her, I was there to watch even more of it come out in a way that even she wasn’t prepared for. 
Photo by Monk
Oh boy, when I felt those tears coming to the edge of my eyes, I did everything I could to hold them back, perhaps to save myself some embarrassment. But as I’m writing now, I realize I wasn’t getting choked up about them being sexy, it was because they were beautiful and they were feeling beautiful and they were letting go of their insecurities right before my eyes. The joy I felt for them was genuine and sometimes overwhelming, but in a good way.   

Many of the people I met on the road had a lot of the same things to say. The main thing I heard, from ladies in Wales, Scotland, England, different parts of Chicago, Connecticut, New York and even here in Los Angeles is that they don’t indulge in the sexy as much as they would like to, and then some even said they worry that with pole dancing going main stream, it will lose its allure. My response to that was, “If you keep dancing sexy, then pole dancing will never stop being sexy. Just keep doing what you’re doing and it will be however you want it to be.” In short, don’t stop feeling sexy…there is power in dancing sexy.
Being sexy perpetuates confidence, strength, awareness and most of all, self acceptance. There are too many people out there that have negative things to say about themselves and I’ll admit, I am guilty of it sometimes too. However, at the risk of sounding conceited, I tell myself everyday that I am beautiful. Maybe not out loud, but in my head for sure. When I’m dancing in front of a mirror, when I’m doing my hair or make up, when I’m deciding on an outfit or costume. The other day, I walked past this lady in New York City and I think she was younger than me. She was tall, skinny, tan and dressed impeccably. Her hair was long and shiny, her skin was flawless and her strut… she was just killing it basically and there was not one moment that I felt inferior to her, not one second of self doubt or insecurity. I admired her beauty and at the same time embraced my own.
Photo By Monk
Here is my point, the more you tell yourself you are beautiful, the more you take the time to practice feeling sexy, because yes, it does take a bit of practice, the more confident you will find yourself being. This is why I love Bringing Sexy Back Week! This is the perfect opportunity for everyone, men, women, straight or gay, tall or short to show each other how sexy they are. Last year we had over 250 videos of people from all over the world participating in Bringing Sexy Back. This year, we are hoping to double that. This is, for me, my favorite thing that will happen all year. There are so many ways to be sexy, it doesn’t have to be what other people think is sexy, it should just be you, feeling good in your skin and expressing that the best way you know how. The best part of Bringing Sexy Back is there is no judging, no scores, it’s a celebration! Celebrate you being you, rejoice in your beauty and share it with us.
I can’t wait to watch all of you and to feel like I’m in that room with you witnessing your release. A big thank you to UPA’s Bringing Sexy Back original poster girl, Alethea Austin, the inspiration to Bringing Sexy Back Week. We will never forget how this all began. I’m all choked up right now writing this and I’m sure there will be plenty of videos that will make the tears brim over and spill out down to my chin but rest assured, they will be tears of joy. 
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