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Pictured above is this year’s UPA’s Bringing Sexy Back Poster Model – Tiffany Finney, photo credit Millie Robson.

The hunt for the next BSB Poster Model is here!  First we gather submissions, then the UPA team chooses the top 25.  Those top 25 are then voted on by the public.

Submissions run from August 2nd to August 12th, 2016

Once the top 25 are chosen, this will then go to a public vote. The UPA staff has no say in who wins, it is all determined by the public. The top three are then sent to all of the former BSB Poster Models for final votes. Then the winner is announced at Pole Expo!

Voting: This will begin on August 15th and will then close on August 26th.  You will want to share your link with your fans, friends and family to get your numbers up.  But note, UPA will be blasting the main link to vote, so all types of new eyes will be on your picture and name.  Regardless of if you win or not, remember, this is a new form of exposure for you. To submit or nominate a friend…

Here are some rules to look at:

2017 BSB Poster Model Contest Rules and FAQ’s


  • No nudity allowed. This means no ‘bits or nips’.
  • Must provide photographers name and contact information if you win
  • Must have a pole in the photo
  • Must send a high resolution photo to us if you win.  That means, make sure you have the same photo you’ve submitted in a high res copy.

Who can submit for the 2017 BSB Poster Contest?

Anyone can submit for the 2017 BSB Poster Contest! This is a gender neutral contest and is open to anyone, anywhere in the world! Please upload submissions with the following information: – Your Name (stage names are excepted) – Photographer’s name

Want to submit or nominate a sexy friends of yours? Click below to enter!!


Make sure you check out our past poster model winners so you know what works best!

Click below to see our BSB Poster Model Alumni!

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