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How have you been built by pole?… Pole dancers know how challenging and rewarding this lovely sport and art form can be. We have seen significant changes in the appearance and performance of our bodies throughout our journeys. United Pole Artists wants to celebrate the power of pole. We want to inspire each other as well as provide the world with concrete evidence how truly life changing it can be. We are asking for every polers contribution! If you’re a veteran in the industry you can find images or video of yourself from when you first began and share side-by-side with today’s current version. If you’re new to pole you can participate by tracking your progress through successive weeks and months. It’s inspiring to reflect back at your own process and to witness the growth of others as well. This can be anything you are proud of and want to share. There are no specific definitions or limitations. We want to celebrate variety. Maybe you lost 50lbs. Maybe you gained 10lbs of muscle. Maybe you’re proud of the definition in your shoulders. Maybe you want to share the improvement in the flatness of your Jade splits or power in your handsprings. This is not about pole conforming anyone into a standard ideal. This is about pole transforming individuals in drastic and diverse ways. Pole is a powerful mechanism for change because the focus turns away from what your body looks like and toward what it can do.

Emily Jade

Emily Rose

We are facilitating this celebration for the community. We are also hoping to share a powerful message with the rest of the world that pole dancing is not just a fad. United Pole Artists has covered our industry’s growing acceptance into the mainstream. There are more pole studios and more classes offered in popular gyms than ever before. You may not be concerned with the forbidden allure of pole dancing. That might even be what initially drew you to it. You may not care about pole dancing being accepted into the Olympics or what Internet commenters think. What is important to understand is that the more accepted pole dancing is as sport and art form the greater the opportunities for everyone as whole.


There will be a broader range of options for students. Instructors and studio owners will have a steady stream of clientele. Pole-related businesses will flourish. Pole performers will have more opportunities. And most importantly, more people will be able to experience an activity we all know to be exhilarating and inspiring. To participate, share your own version of how you have been #builtbypole on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. We cannot wait to see what you have to share!–AHCg

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