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With so many new Canadian pole competitions popping up, it can be hard to decide which one is the best fit for you!  To help you choose, we’ve summarized some of Canada’s largest competitions and provided recommendations of which ones you would be best suited for based on your preferred style.


PSO Canada

Canadian pole competitionsPSO Canada is organized by Pole Sport Organization (PSO) and is being held in Vancouver, BC on October 28-29, 2017.  PSO offers a variety of categories, such as Exotic, Dramatic, Entertainment, Championship, and Doubles, in five different levels.  PSO was created to provide a stage for all levels of pole dancers to compete, no matter their style or skill level.  There is no application video to apply; simply choose your category, level, and age division, and you’re in!  The winner of the Professional division will be invited to perform and judge at the PSO US Nationals.

While applications are now closed, tickets are available to watch the event and can be purchased at the link below.


Pole Theatre Canada

Photo of Maddie Sparkle provided by Pole Theatre Canada

This is the first Canadian pole competition under the name Pole Theatre that is taking place on June 23, 2017 in Edmonton, Alberta.  Developed by founders Michelle Shimmy and Maddie Sparkles, Pole Theatre is open to all competitors. This includes national and international, male and female, and single, double, and group entries.  The main focus of this competition is the art of performance.  There are four categories for the competition (Pole Art, Pole Drama, Pole Comedy, and Pole Classique) and two divisions (Semi-Professional and Professional).  The overall winners of both the Semi-Professional and Professional divisions are eligible to apply for the 2018 Pole Theatre World competition.

Applications for Pole Theatre Canada 2018 are open until January 31, 2018.  Apply online using the link below.






Canadian Pole Fitness Association – National Championship

Canadian Pole CompetitionsPhoto by Lynda Allen Photography of CPFA 2017 Pro Champion Rosalyn Mow

The Canadian Pole Fitness Association (CPFA) has the longest running and largest national pole championship in Canada.  They offer a variety of divisions from entry to professional, and have introduced new artistic categories including Pole Art and Exotic.  The top athletes from each province compete at the national championships.  The 2017 Canadian Pole Fitness Championship was held in Vancouver, BC, with the winner of the pro division going on to compete at the Pole Championship Series finals at the Arnold Classic.

While information on the 2018 has not been announced, you can stay up to date on CPFA events on their website:

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