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The pole community in Canada is growing rapidly and has introduced some incredible athletes to the international pole community. Artists such as Tara Meyer and Jazzy Alix have already captivated audiences around the world. Here are some Canadian polers on the rise that are making a name for themselves both in Canada and globally.

Libby Ives @libbyivespole

Libby discovered pole dancing while travelling abroad in Australia.  She has been teaching at various studios in Ontario since 2013. Libby is known for her seemingly effortless style and her incredible extension.  She also performs on aerial flying pole with Toronto’s Cirque Sublime. Libby is the 2016 Canadian Pole Fitness Champion in the Pole Art division, and won the PCS Pole Open at the Arnold Classic.  You can watch Libby in the Pole Classic Competition on September 7, 2017 and in the PCS Final at the Arnold Classic on March 3, 2018.

Double Pole Trouble @doublepoletrouble

Karen Urquhart and LeeAnn Ball have extensive backgrounds in theatre, gymnastics, and figure skating. They turned their friendship into a partnership, and are now the 2016 North American Pole Dance Doubles Champions. In addition, they are the reigning Canadian doubles champions. Karen and LeeAnn’s creative doubles tricks show off both their strength and flexibility. You can watch Double Pole Trouble perform in the 2017 IPSF World Artistic Pole Championships on July 2, 2017.

Kitty Royce @kittyroyce

Kitty Royce began pole dancing in Montreal about 3 years ago. Her dynamic style and creative shapes are reminiscent of fellow Canadian athlete, Jazzy Alix. She made her debut in the pro division this year and brought home a gold medal and the Toronto Pro Supershow Pole Competition and a silver medal at the Canadian Pole Fitness Championships.

Anna Von Huene @annvhh

In addition to pole dancing, Anna performs in aerial straps, silks, and hand balancing. She is the head instructor of Acro Park in Vaudreuil, Quebec and has been practicing aerial acrobatics since she was 11 years old.  Anna was first runner up in the 2016 Canadian Pole Fitness Championships and is the current Canadian Pole Sport Champion.  Watch Anna perform in the IPSF World Championships on July 1, 2017.

Rosalyn Mow @rosalynmow

Rosalyn dazzled the crowd at the Canadian Pole Fitness Champion with her winning performance in the pro division. Her background in rhythmic gymnastics and Chinese dance complement her extreme flexibility tricks on the pole. She even invented her own bendy trick called The Rose. Rosalyn is an instructor at Tantra Fitness in Vancouver, BC and was recently crowned the 2017 Canadian Pole Fitness Champion. Watch Rosalyn perform in the IPSF World Championships on July 1, 2017.







Anna Von Rossum @avonross

Anna is a classically trained dancer and has completed her PhD in Immunology. She started her pole journey in 2011 and has been an instructor at Tantra Fitness in Vancouver, BC since 2013. Anna is the 2016 Northwest Pole Level 4 Champion in the Senior Dramatic division, and is also the current Canadian Pole Fitness champion in the Pole Art division.

Justine Rickard @justine.rickard

Justine discovered her passion for pole in 2013 and is now the co-owner of The Studio in Moncton, New Brunswick. She is known for her theatrical performances and creative story telling on stage.  Her competitive experience has taken her all over the world, including Pole Art Cyprus, Pole Art France, Pole Theatre Italy, and Pole Theatre USA. Justine is currently completing the work-study program at Body & Pole in New York City.

Tia Jax @tia_jax

Tia Jax teaches at Brass Vixens in Toronto, ON and specializes in erotic pole.  She is famous for her creative chair tricks and sensual floorwork. Tia had the honour of participating in the inaugural Dance Filthy USA in the professional division, and recently placed second in the Pacific Pole Championships exotic division. Tia will be teaching erotic workshops this August at Dandelion Fitness in Orlando, Florida.



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