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Cleo The Hurricane   This year it is the 10th Anniversary of Miss Pole Dance Australia and Cleo The Hurricane will be blasting back onto the Encore Theatre Stage in Sydney in honour of the title that changed her life! It was back in 2012, when Cleo, who was an instructor at Bobbi’s Pole Studio in Sydney, entered Miss Pole Dance Australia for the 2nd time (the year before she placed 2nd), and won! Cleo as always had decided to stay authentic to her roots, and owned the rock theme for her performance, and the judges and audience were blown away. “Rock is my lifestyle. I have been in rock bands since I was 14 years old and love the whole rock star attitude, fashion, lifestyle and pretty much anything that came out of the 80’s with big hair. I do enjoy dancing to different genres but it’s not often, plus there are just so many kick ass rock songs that go well with pole,” she says. Since winning that title, Cleo further cemented her rock profile with two popular DVDs, a 9 month solo artist contract at Berlin’s prestigious Friedrichstadt Palast Show Palace (at the same time Cleo was offered a gig with Cirque du Soleil but was forced to decline due to pre-existing commitments), as well as dancing on stage with some of her rock idols, Guns N Roses. Cleo has also toured her popular Rock N Pole workshops around Europe and the United States, and is a sought after guest artist at global pole showcases and training camps alike. Not one to slow down, Cleo has many more exciting kick ass plans in store for her fans, including rolling out her Rock N Pole and Rockin’ Legs N Abs throughout studios as licensed workout programs, much like Zumba, but for pole. She also has a new and improved online studio in the works, set for launch shortly. Cleo of course cannot do anything without a little of her own brand of controversy, which has included her infamous Pole and Aerial All Stars stage kiss with Alethea Austin (which she claims to have enjoyed, despite a hard bite on the lip courteousy of Alethea!) as well as her “deceitfully nude” rockin’ Pole Classics showcase performance in Las Vegas. When asked what is in store for us at Miss Pole Dance Australia this weekend, Cleo is very hush-hush unfortunately. All she could tell Volare was: “This opening is going to be kick ass. The best one yet, I say!” Tune in here for more live Miss Pole Dance Australia updates as they happen.

Check out Cleo The Hurricane online: Read more about the history of Miss Pole Dance Australia in the latest edition of Volare Pole and Aerial Arts Magazine:  

Cleo The Hurricane

Cleo The Hurricane in all her glory

Cleo The Hurricane

Cleo plays drums at MPDA 2012

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