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Coach brian profile

Brian has been pole dancing since 2013, his first mentors were fellow UPA Coaches Veronica and Nadia. From there Brian began to compete nationally and internationally, grabbing 10+ titles and accolades. He is the current reigning Dance Filthy USA Champion and was crowned the first ever Mr. Pole Dance America His areas of expertise Include:


  • Knowledge of being a male in a female dominated industry 
  • How to add your own flare to projects to boost audience support
  • Information on judging competitions and what judges particularly look for
  • Video feedback on routines 
  • How to take performance and ideas to the next level
  • Building blocks on creative performances 
  • Finding ways to market yourself
  • Strip club industry knowledge and how to/what to expect becoming a stripper 
  • How to become a traveling pole dancer 
  • Creation of workshops and how to sell them
  • Where to begin your pole teaching career and how to handle a classroom 
  • Connect with studio owners and build your database

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time

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