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A lone pole dancer took to the Ocean City boardwalk this past weekend and consequently received several complaints from onlookers. What we found most interesting about this story were the comments it received from several people who seem to be on the pole dancers side. Check out the comments below and let us know what you have to say after reading the typical news story about a girl and her pole. Click here to read more! “As long as she isn’t stripping then go ahead girl! Pole Fitness is starting to become more and more popular and it’s not easy! I’ve done it for a few years as a form of fitness and love it! As long as it’s kept classy then by all means go ahead with your bad self :)”Tip to the dancer, Set up during bike week, I’d bet you would get a very nice crowd… As a matter of fact bring along some friends and a few extra poles.”Since when has OC been a family Resort?To locals it is known as one of the best spots to people watch.Although I do not care for the whole pole dancing thing it is no different then seeing a women in a skimpy bikini dancing down the boardwalk.”Stripper’s on the boardwalk, not in my Ocean City! Wait ain’t there a Hooter’s there, O but that’s ok!”  

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