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Women’s Professional 1st – Monica Ochoa Olivas 2nd – Erika Gonzalez Del Pliego 3rd – Diana Pardo Men’s Professional 1st – Bernardo Cassilas 2nd – Ferios Doubles 1st – Laura Rubio & Luciano Martinez 2nd – Margarita Gutierrez & Lorena Mabel Gaspar 3rd – Mariana Garcia & Jonathan Rivera Pole Dance Category 1st – Laura Palomares 2nd – Alejandra Armenta 3rd – Nancy Claudia Lopez Gonzalez Teen Category 1st – Daniela Montserrat Moreno Bravo 2nd – Daniela Alejandra Aguirre Vazquez 3rd – Frida Sandoval Quintero Pole Choreography 1st – Pamela Ordonez 2nd – Olivia Heredia 3rd – Leslie Casas Junior Category 1st – Laura Sofia Aguirre and Luisa Fernanda Carillo 2nd – Valeria Gutierrez Canseco

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