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Feel like EVERYONE in the world is at Pole Expo (le sigh)? I sure do! Here are some on-the-pole conditioning exercises to help you pass the time between your busy schedule of Instagram, Twitter, and FB stalking. 😀

  1. Scissor leg climb. Pull yourself up with your arms only, scissoring your legs onto the pole in between each climb. If that’s too easy, skip straight to #2 on the list …. the
  2. No-leg climb. Hand over hand over hand, no legs at all. For an even greater challenge, try to descend hand-over-hand too. SO HARD.
  3. Flares/fan kicks on spin. These are no joke. But they’re really pretty, and they’re fun! Check out Carlie Hunter for inspiration, or hop over to my IG page (@ polergirl)  … ’cause I do them all. the. time. I heart them.
  4. Tuck, pike, and straddle lifts. Get yourself on the pole in a typical invert hold and use your core to lift your legs. Tucks are the easiest (still … it’s not like they’re a walk in the park), pikes and straddles are way harder. This is probably the only time I don’t wish for longer legs haha.
  5. Shoulder mount prances, holds, lifts. Experiment with different grips in shoulder mount position. Sweep (“prance”) your legs up with control, try to lift yourself into a static position and hold it, lift yourself into a straddle position and hold it, finally lift into superinvert position and hold it. Even if you’re not ready for full shoulder mounts yet you can (and should!) start doing prances and static position holds! shoulder mount hold

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