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In my last post, I went over the particulars of the hollow body exercise for core strengthening. It’s a toughie, but oh so worth it. Hopefully you don’t hate me.  🙂

Here’s another core conditioner that’s great to try. I refer to this one the shoulder mount conditioner, because it uses the same core muscles, in basically the same order, as a deadlift shoulder mount. In the normal world, it’s considered to be a controlled plough.

Lie on your back on a mat. Pull your legs into a tucked position, with your pelvis tilted up and your lower back pressed firmly against the mat … think navel to spine, navel to spine, navel to spine.  Now, extend your legs and slowly lower them until they’re a few inches from the ground — WITHOUT allowing your pelvis to come out of position or your lower back to leave the mat. The distance between feet and ground will be different for everyone, so just don’t let your position fail and all will be well. Now, give a big exhale and slowly (slowly!) roll your straight legs up and over, until your feet are on the ground behind your head.

Don’t allow your shoulders and neck to collapse and crunch your neck out of place!

Now, inhale and reverse that movement until your legs are once again near the floor–using your core to control the movement. Repeat as often as you’re able. To increase the difficulty, do this exercise with a straddle leg.

I prefer to do this exercise with my arms over my head, so I’m not able to use them to push, helping me roll up and over and therefore cheating myself out of a good, hard core workout!

The name of the game is control and perfect position. Control every single inch of this move, use your core to keep you stable every step of the way.

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