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Jamie Taylor of Defy Gravity Studio posted the following passage on Facebook . . . and I found it so inspirational that I asked her if I could quote her and use her post to inspire my own. 

Here’s Jamie’s:

1) Have fun. Remember its supposed to be FUN! Inspiration for this; Cleo and Bobbi`s.

2) Make it an art. I`m artistic, not gymnastic. Ignore lifts and lines that my body hates and allow emotion led creative movement that my body loves to express with instead. Inspiration for this; Marlo and Felix. 

3) Make it evocative and provocative. This the kind of fire that MY soul burns with, I speak it fluently so why waste it? Inspiration for this; Steven Retchless.

4) Make it badass. My halo fell off decades ago,it is now a garter around my thigh. Why pretend otherwise. Fear nothing, dance hard. Inspiration for this; Alethea Austin and Lacy Rain.

And here is mine:

1) Dance with JOY. Remember the joy of being a child, dancing and twirling without a single care in the world. When I dance I’m flying and dancing and twirling . . . leave the cares offstage! Inspiration: Karol Helms, who always looks like she’s having the freaking time of her life onstage.  

2) Stay true to my STYLE. Admire others, but dance of yourself and for yourself. Inspiration: Eva Bembo, who is clearly strong and flexy enough to do any trick in the book . . . but I don’t think I’ve seen her do a janeiro or a fonji. They simply are not her style; she has commitment to the sensuality of her dance. And I binge watch her work for this reason.  

3) Remember my PASSION. Pole has its ups and downs, to be sure. But remember what drew me to pole dancing in the first place. Remember the excitement of that first class. Remember what it felt like the first time I ran my hand along my leg, or through my hair, or caressed my hip. Remember how it feels to come alive through the expression of dance. Inspiration: Marion Crampe — heck, her whole being radiates the passion she has for her chosen art form. 

4) Aim for LONGEVITY. Pole dancing feeds my femininity, my sensuality, my sense of being strong and capable. It makes me feel alive and free and like I can fly. I want to be able to do this for a good many years to come! So first and foremost I must take care of my body. Pay attention to it. Understand that certain moves simply are not for me. Inspiration: Jamilla Deville, who has proven without question that proper technique and a well-rounded training program create a functional body, and that means a long life ahead of dance. 

What would go into your pole mantra? 

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