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I went to a parkour class last week, my first parkour class ever. A group of women from my studio have been going and digging on it, and I wanted to see for myself. From their descriptions, it sure sounded like it’d be fun. After doing some foam roller work and going through a really well done dynamic warmup, we were introduced to the skill of the day: hurdling. Now let me say something right off the bat. This lady ain’t no prize-winning jumper. And hurdling is basically jumping with some vaulting tossed in for good measure. As you might expect, I was not the star pupil. :/ BUT . . . I’ll go back, for sure. It was SUPER FUN to be a student again, and I feel like dancers need to treat their bodies like the athlete’s bodies they are, and that includes cross training. Boxing, dance classes in various disciplines, cycling, parkour, swimming — there are a hundred ways to move your body, and it’s great for your pole life to take advantage of them.

What does cross training do?

Woman rock climbing When you ask your body to hold itself in a different way than it’s used to, and to do something else while holding itself, you’re increasing your functional strength. That in turn increases your functional strength on the pole. Same with footwork. New balance points and footwork increases your ability to balance and do footwork around the pole. Cross training for pole dancers allows you to step up your pole game in a big way! So even if you live eat breathe and sleep pole dancing (heck, I do!), it’s a great idea to take advantage and cross train your pole dancer’s body. Ask it to do amazing things!

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