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Written by: Karolina Adamczak

Dear dance
I always felt a void when you weren’t in my life. We were together for the first few years and then we parted ways, and us breaking up is my biggest regret.
I always wanted us to get back together.
However I had this thing stuck inside my head that it was too late and I was too old and you wouldn’t take me back.
I felt like I missed my chance to be a dancer.
And then one day my religion teacher at school showed us a clip of Anastasia Sokolova at Ukraine’s got talent.
I began researching and I started realising how people who haven’t met you until they were older had strong relationships with you.
Pole dancing was the one shape you took where I could see people starting as adults and becoming world champions.
Role models who I could compare myself with that proved those goals were within reach.
That made me feel comfortable enough to try again with you.
The day I got my leaving cert results on the 17th of August 2016, we got back together.
I feel like no one ever understands how much I love you and how much you’ve done for me.
I’m so protective over you, any time someone puts you into question I get extremely defensive.
I’d choose you over anyone.
You were my rebound for every breakup and hardship I have faced in the last three years.
And the moment I knew we had to get back together was when I was 16 and I felt so alone and I started dancing in my room and I no longer felt alone.
I felt like you were with me and I felt at home.
And our relationship isn’t perfect. It gets me down and it gets me frustrated when I feel like we’re not moving forward, I have to travel for 3 hours to be with you , I work in a job that makes me miserable so we can be together, I even didn’t show up to tonsillectomy because the thought to not be with you for a month during recover period was unthinkable. However everything you’ve done for me is  completely priceless.
You’ve provided me with so many beautiful friendships and memories.
You’ve literally flipped my life around and I hope to always be with you.
Love karolina
(format inspired by Kattrin deufert and Thomas plische ‘Just in time project’)


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