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So….. there’s this move I do when I freestyle. A lot. Apparently every time I freestyle.

The face that I do this move over and over and over has spawned a notion in my instructor’s brain. I often hear that freestyling is one of the worst agonies a pole student can endure. That 3:30 song might as well be three hours and thirty minutes!

  1. They’re dancing to a track they may not know all that well
  2. They may be dancing to a track that isn’t really their thing as far as musical genres
  3. They’re doing moves taught to them by someone else
  4. They’re doing combinations (in most cases) taught to them by someone else

No wonder it gets frustrating for dancers — how easy it would be to feel like their dance is not really their own! So I have started challenging my students (including my newbie dancers) to change up their go-to moves slightly.  That means taking a move like the one above and doing it in front of a mirror, making incremental changes. Let’s talk about how I might change the move pictured:

  • Do it with legs together
  • Do it with both hands on pole 
  • Do it with no hands on pole 
  • Roll shoulders forward and round back like a cat
  • Do it with one foot directly underneath and one way off to the side
  • “Angry” hands and arms
  • “Pleading” hands and arm
There are so many more options beyond the few listed. Even the simplest move can be varied in lots of ways — and those variations are what will help you develop and define your style. 
Try it the next time you dance. If you always put your leg down directly in front of you when exiting  particular move, see what happens when you move your leg to the side, or behind you, or keep it under your body. Transform a move into something that fits with your body (keeping safe alignment and technique … that should go without saying!), with your style of movement. Who knows? You might find some magic there for your next freestyle.  

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