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Photobucket A.m. Davies at JCR Dancing at Jumbo’s Clown Room in Hollywood is one of my favorite things to do. It is a carefree, fun environment with so much hidden talent. Every now and then, professional pole dancers come in to visit me and watch some real, raw pole dancing, contortion, or just some awesome dancing. Last night, I was lucky enough to have a large group of pole dancers come in and show their support, including Nadia Shariff, Amy Guion, Leigh Ann Reilly, Alethea Austin and Cleo “The Hurricane” from Australia. It blew me away how much they loved watching all of us dance, because, with out shame, we are sexy and little bit raunchy, in a good way, and unabashedly erotic at times. In the midst of all the excitement and craziness, I found myself tucked away in a corner with the one and only Alethea Austin. I felt privileged to be able to have an intimate moment with one of the most revered pole dancers in our industry. We talked about her life for the past three years, how she feels about traveling for all of them, and where she would like to see herself next. But, what stood out the most to me, was her thoughts on “the sexy” slowly slipping out of our grasp within the professional walls of pole dancing. She expressed her concern, and to be quite honest opened my eyes quite a bit. Photobucket A.m. Davies, Halloween ’07, JCR Sometimes, perhaps we get so wrapped up in the growth of pole and the determination to get farther faster, that we forget why we all started, or kept going or became interested in the first place. Pole dancing is an art form and is a wonderful way to express sensuality and sexuality. Do we need to remind ourselves of that? Being sexy never goes out of style and perfecting it in dance form can take years, but learning a handspring may only take 2 months. Alethea made a good point, pole dancing used to be edgier, and due to that, the growth of our industry spiked. Since we have become more “professional”, we are seeing a bit of a plateau. This is coming from a person who has been selling workshops for three years straight. She has noticed that the same people now are buying workshops and products, and that the growth spike has subsided. Are we at risk of losing our Mystique as Miss Austin put it? If so, what should we do about it? The thought is, that new students are coming in to pole studios, taking classes to learn tons of tricks, getting injured and losing interest. If you look at S Factor, they mostly only focus on being sexy and getting in touch with your inner woman. Body and Pole in New York work a lot with their students on the dance and the understanding of your body and it’s movement. With me, my most popular workshop is my “Sensual Movement” class. It sells out the quickest and is asked about the most. The universe is sending us a message, “Bring the sexy back!” Photobucket The one and only, Alethea Austin I thought of an idea, and I’m just going to put it out there. What if we pick a week and we all make and post a sexy pole dance video, with no holds barred? Would anyone be interested in flooding youtube with “Bringing Sexy Back” videos? Comment on this article on our twitter account, or on our facebook, You can also e-mail us at Let’s do this! I think it would be fun! Thank you, Alethea, for always reminding us what pole dancing is all about, expressing our selves and showing the world that we are sexy. Forget about the stigma, that will always be an issue. But, only if you let it be. Knowing who you are and what you do is mostly what matters. My philosophy is, if they can’t handle it, it’s because they are scared. UPA just recently had t-shirts made that say “A true Pole’r Bear: Embraces transformation with purity of spirit…fearless”. Are you a true Pole’r Bear? I bet you are, you sexy beast. 🙂

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