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How to be a model pole student

Going to pole class is fun. It should be fun! But sometimes students forget that it’s also an intense physical activity that requires attention to technique. Do you find yourself doing any of the five things below? Well, stop! ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Coming to class late.

late_for_classYou get stuck in traffic, you get out of work late and miss your regular train, the weather makes driving a little dicey … sometimes things just happen, and you can’t get to the studio on time. Just don’t be the person who saunters in every week five minutes after class has started, and expect to get a warm welcome from your teacher or fellow students!

2. Mailing in the warmup.

Warmups are an important part of your class. If you blow them off because they’re boring, you’re shortchanging yourself — and you’re making it more difficult for your teacher to teach you. He or she puts together warmups specifically to get your body ready for that day’s lesson. If you’re not properly warmed up, it will be harder for you to do the moves for that day’s class.

3. Ignoring instruction.

This one seems so very obvious … and yet, it happens. It happens all too frequently. The teacher demonstrates a new move or new flow, explains it, talks through the technique, and you miss half of it because a) you’re “just trying something really quick” or b) you’re catching up with your classmate or c) you think it looks easy and don’t need all that yak yak yak yak, let’s just do the move already. Look — you’re paying good, hard-earned money for pole classes. Pay attention while you’re there!


4. Taking phone calls or texting.

You. Yes, you. The one frantically tap-tap-tapping away on your phone. Snapchat can wait a minute. So can that text. If you’re concentrating on your phone, you’re not concentrating on what you’re supposed to be doing. Don’t miss valuable information about technique, transitions, or conditioning: wait until after any demos or instruction to get pictures or video for social media … and wait until after class to respond to your friend’s “OMG you won’t believe what just happened” text.

5. Doing your own thing, even after you’re instructed not to.

I’m not talking about experimenting with transitioning into or out of a move you have nailed inside and out. I’m not talking about playing with leg/hand/torso variations. I’m talking about going AWOL on your teacher. Working on moves he or she has told you outright that you’re not ready for. Showing off. Consistently doing moves that are not part of the day’s curriculum and ignoring the moves that are part of the day’s curriculum. Trying new moves without so much as a spot or a mat.

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