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Mario and Emil Valentino known as “the Valentino Brothers” were born and raised in Vratsa, Bulgaria and studied Martial Arts in Military Academy in Pazardjik. They began learning the principles of Hatha Yoga in 1989 after meeting their teacher Ventsislav Evtimov who introduced them into the philosophy and secrets of Yoga. Since very early childhood they were interested in the unknown arts for that time like Martial Arts and Yoga. They began vigorously searching to expand their knowledge about those ancient disciplines. So from there Emil and Mario started their training and in a short period of time they came to the conclusion that to be effective in those areas, two conditions needed to be accomplished, namely their bodies had to gain flexibility and strength. In 1990 they moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina and lived there for 8 years. In that time they developed a system to enhance flexibility which enables the disciple to prepare for advanced states of Yoga. Mario and Emil ran studios that taught the system to the yoga practitioners, dancers, and students of Martial Arts. These studios are still running under the guidance of some of their students. From 1998 until 2004 the Valentino Brothers lived in New York City where they continued their research of all the components of a healthy lifestyle which accounted for the overall well-being of the body and mind. At the same time they were applying their systems to various people who wanted to learn. They moved to Santa Barbara in 2004 where they continued teaching yoga and flexibility in athletic clubs, fitness centers and private studios as well as working with celebrities and promising athletes preparing them for competitions in their fields. At the same time the Valentino Brothers worked on the enhancement of their unique stretching system by combining the exercise with proper nutrition and additional practices. They put their knowledge together to deliver it to the rest of the world. They continued their quest to combine exercise, nutrition, daily routines and healthy lifestyle together so an individual can improve all aspects of his or her physical and mental well-being. Recently Mario and Emil were introduced to Pole Fitness. After trying the pole exercises for a few months they realized how well-rounded and beneficial the workout is; how much strength it delivers for the entire body. Since then they have been working on adapting their system for the pole dancers and incorporating the pole exercises into their own daily workout. Click here to sign up for an online class with the Valentino Brothers!!

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