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Erika Cueto, a resident and business owner in and of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, has been missing for close to two months. Her family desperatley searches for her but are getting almost no answers from authorities. Erika not only has founded and organized a pole dance competition, she owns a pole dance studio in Puerto Vallarta called Pole Fitness Studio by Erika Cueto. We know that she was last seen on November 12th, 2014. Communication with her was lost at approximately 2:30 p.m. that day. Erika was planning and organizing a pole fitness event which was to take place six days later. Despite her disappearance, the event took place. As far as where and exactly when she disappeared, that is unclear. But they do know it was sometime between her house in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, and San Jose del Valle, Nayarit. Sources say that authorities have been slow on the search, and there is little to no progress on the investigation. On November 13th, Erika’s family filed a phone report with the police about her disappearance of not only Erika, but her car as well. Because the computer system was down the family was not able to file a direct report with the Attorney General’s office but were able to take a verbal report on November 13th.  A formal report with the Attorney´s General Office was taken on November 14, two days after Erika had gone missing. The first 48 hours of a missing person’s case are the most critical. In this case, there was no investigation until well after that. Leaving any fresh tracks by a possible abductor or offender to be uncovered by the time the police even were aware to look for Erika.

Erika Cueto

The original look of Erika’s car.

On November 18th, Erika’s car was found in a road called El Paso del Guayabo, in Puerto Vallarta. But, her pink car had been completely painted to appear as a white car. Erika’s plates from the state of Jalisco were found inside the car with some personal belongings.  The lab results that came from the car took five weeks to be received by the family. The family is still waiting for more records.

 Although Erika Cueto disappeared from Puerto Vallarta, her family fears she could be in anywhere in the world.

There has been little pressure put on the authorities of Puerto Vallarta, a popular beach resort and tourist destination. Puerto Vallarta is located in the state of Jalisco and the authorities have turned out no new information regarding Erika. According to an article written on the case on, there are over 2,000 open missing person cases in Jalisco alone. ( Many Mexicans are upset by this statistic and by the lack of results by police.

Erika Cueto

Erika Cueto

Erika was a part of a large community that all misses her very much. The pole dance industry loves and respects Erika for all of her hard work. The event that she was preparing for was the annual Pole Fitness National Competition which began in 2011. This competition was in line with the Pole Fitness Vallarta International Convention in Puerto Vallarta. Her work was endless and she was dedicated to bringing pole dancing into a positive light. She had much bigger plans for pole dancing and worked hard to make connections to create opportunities. It is believed that she was hard at work the day she vanished. It was not uncommon for her to be on the road for her work. Two weeks ago, forty days after Erika´s dissapereance, the Attorney´s General Office from the state of Jalisco, contacted the family and they hope the investigation finally start getting some progress. If you have any information, please email the family at or visit their Facebook page: Ayudame a encontrar a Erika.  There you can find more photos and/or message the family with any information pertaining to Erika’s disappearance.  
Erika Cueto

“Erika’s Missing” flier

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