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Written by Lori Glaza

We come from all corners of the globe. Pole dancers represent all races, creeds, ages, philosophies, abilities and sexual identities. We perform different styles of dance as diverse as music itself.

Yet we are all a family! Each and every one of us is a vital part of the whole pole community. We accept one another and celebrate together. The rest of the world could learn to be a little more like pole dancers.

Five years ago, i took pole dance lessons with my sister in law when she developed breast cancer to help her retain her femininity. Thank goodness she is now cancer free, and I found an outstanding outlet to creatively express myself while exercising my body and mind.

Training at Pole FIT Revolution is physical therapy with a nurturing support group of cheerleaders. The dancers lift one another up because we see each other’s potential. We motivate ourselves to movement by joining our pole pals in playful exploration of new poses and combos. Our team encourages each other to go for our pole goals with an open mind and a sense of humor. Pole dancing with my friends in the PFRPT inspires and motivates me to be as wonderful as they are. We make a pretty great team.

In a time where social media is stigmatizing pole dancers with shadow banning, we dare to dance on. Pole dancers worldwide have banned together to demand acknowledging of our craft. We will dance until we win our fight for legitimacy of the whole pole community….. then i bet we’ll do a victory dance to celebrate ✨ ✨

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