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Written by Frances Ann

I started my pole journey later in life, at age 45. Having a strong fitness background, it came pretty easily to me and I was excited about how quickly I was progressing! I started competing, and soon worked my way up to professional competitions. I was so proud and honored to be able to compete against women half my age, even though I put a ton of pressure on myself to keep up with them!

Performing quickly became my passion. And even though training was intense and difficult at times, my body always recovered well. Until it didn’t. Fifty hit me hard. Menopause, tight muscles, weight gain and longer recovery times have been plaguing me for over a year now. I haven’t competed or performed in quite some time, and haven’t felt much like training at all. Some days I just feel, well, OLD.

It has taken me a while to come to terms with my new “normal” and to begin to restructure my training around this new me.It wasn’t easy, but I did some soul searching and realized that I am so fortunate to still be able to do what I love. Many people my age are unfit and unhealthy, and make excuses for why they can’t do things. I don’t want to be like that!

I decided that it’s time to get myself back out there, and signed up for another competition. I am excited to create again without pressure to be anything other than who I am right now (one of the perks of being in my 50’s). So when you see me out on that stage with all of those lovely, young polers just know that even though everything hurts, I’m not dying!


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