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So who is the latest pole couple announcing their pregnancy? Excitement builds, as our pole community has just received news that we are expecting another pole baby. Australia’s Chris Measday, International Pole Championship 2012 Mens Champion and his captivating wife, Gabriela Lopez Aguilera, will be welcoming their new addition in May 2015. For those who aren’t familiar with this entertaining pole artist, Chris started pole dancing around eight years ago, as a way to regain his fitness and strength that he had suffered from a bad Gymnastics injury. He started full time dancing while living in Shanghai, China, working for two studios there and performing weekly all over the country. After his return to Australia, Chris began to travel all over Australasia, instructing, performing and competing. One of his most prolific performances was in 2012 for Gravity First 3rd Edition, and he was a finalist in the Asia Pacific Pole Dance Championships, (Freestyle, Mens Division) in the years 2009, 2010, and 2011 (named first Runner Up in 2010.) Chris achieved Men’s Division finalist status for the last three International Pole Championships, single-handedly taking the Men’s Division competition standard up to a whole new level. In 2010, he was awarded the International Pole Championship Men’s Pole Fit Champion, and then in 2012, took home the coveted Men’s Ultimate Champion title. His cheeky routine to ‘Short Skirt, long jacket’ by Cake, complete with sunglasses and swagger, quickly became one of the most-viewed male artist performance videos at the time. Audiences, fans and judges alike started to eagerly anticipate Chris’ tongue-in-cheek approach to his performances, which involve him throwing in major strength moves with ease and finesse. Chris is currently training and mentoring talented prodigees from his own studio, Pol-arise Adelaide, including a promising young man, Jesse Owen, who was selected as a finalist for the Pole Classic competition at Pole Expo, Las Vegas this year. Gabi1 Chris and his wife Gabriela recently celebrated their second wedding day, this time in Australia, as their first “official” wedding took place in Mexico in 2012, where Gabriela is from. The pole community were treated to some more magnificent shots of the happy couple, featuring the bride in her Cinderella dress, and a few days after the wedding, Chris went online with even more exciting news. That they were expecting a baby!   Gabriela is arguably one of the most mesmerising pole dancers to follow on social media. Not only does she post pics and videos of a variety of unique and flexy pole moves, but she can also be seen in her colourful funky fashion with her blue mermaid-inspired hair, out and about in Adelaide, always cheerful. It is difficult to imagine this gorgeous petite dancer with a baby bump!   “We don’t know the baby’s sex yet (unfortunately) but we can’t wait to know, so we can start collecting cute stuff for him/her. So far we have a few names in mind, most of them for a boy. We like Magnuss, Sebastian, Vladimir, Constantine and if is a Girl we like Anastasia a lot,” she shares. Gabi2 When asked about whether the baby will be immersed in his/her pole and Mexican heritage, Gabriela responds enthusiastically. “Oh yes! The little one will know everything about his/her Mexican background and we have even planned that at some stage of our lives we will live in Mexico too. And yes I will talk Spanish ONLY, while Chris speaks English to our baby,” she says. “There is no doubt that our baby is gonna grow up among lots of pole dancers in the studio, plus Chris and I training, so I think it will come naturally to him/her. Whenever he or she feels ready for pole, it will be best to introduce it.” Gabriela advocates strongly that every woman listens to her body when it comes to excercising and poling when pregnant. She has been fortunate to have experienced nothing more than a little dizziness and tiredness, and on those days she refrains from training. She will keep training during her pregnancy, but making sure she listens to her body and respecting her limits, as well as taking individualised medical advice on board. When it’s time to stop, Gabriela said she will continue to stretch for the remainder of the pregnancy.   On behalf of Volare Magazine, we would like to congratulate Chris and Gabriela on the fantastic news, and we look forward to receiving more baby news from them as it comes.   If you would like to read more about this couple’s fairytale romance, check out Issue 2 of Volare Magazine, where their story is told. Purchase from: UK and mainland Europe – Australia and Asia Pacific – USA – All other countries: from: UK and mainland Europe – Volare issue 2_front-1

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