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Have you been watching America’s Got Talent recently? There was a group of young boys (ages 8-10 we’d say) called the Struck Boyz who were pretty incredible dancers. We wonder if anyone else noticed how sexual their dances could be though; showing off their abs, winking at the audience and gyrating a little to hip hop music. Their message was clear, we are cool and sexy dancers that the ladies should love. Funny how it’s ok to have that kind of sexual connotation when a pole isn’t involved. The pole community hears so much back lash about kids and pole dancing, something that is extremely controversial but is missing the piece that people are generally upset about; the sexual connotation of the pole. When kids pole dance, you see no hair flips, sexy moves, floor work or booty popping. Instead you see strength, flexibility, grace and extremely talented moves on what some like to call a vertical bar. Irmingard Mayer takes a bigger look into people’s problems with children and pole dancing. Click here to read.

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