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Have you ever watched a pole performance and thought to yourself “welp, I guess I’ll never be dancing to that song publicly” because the performance was just. so. incredible? I know I have … and I made a little list of my personal Top Five. Enjoy, and feel free to add yours in the comments!

  1. Felix Cane “IRIS” — everything about this was perfection. The lines! The musicality! The showmanship!
  2. Jenyne Butterfly “DOG DAYS” — as far as I can tell, this is likely the most widely circulated pole video among my non-pole friends and associates. Joy, athleticism, amazing strength …
  3. what else could you ask for in a pole video?

  4. Danielle Romano “COUNTING BODIES LIKE SHEEP” — just typing this out gave me chills. I challenge anyone to watch this rivetingly scary-sexy zombie/creature/WTF performance and take your eyes off her. Holy. Whoa.
  5. Crystal Belcher “STRANGE FRUIT” — this one leaves me, and I’m guessing pretty much anyone who watches it, in tears.
  6. Enchanted “SWEET DREAMS” — if you don’t know about this duo and you’re at all interested in doubles pole, watch this and be amazed.
Honorable mentions. Honestly, these could all have just gone into the above list because they are all freaking SPECTACULAR. But I had to draw a line somewhere. 
  • Sergia Louise Anderson’s 2012 USPDF performance to Zee Avi’s “Concrete Wall”
  • Cleo the Hurricane’s 2014 Miss Pole Dance Australia performance to Rage Against the Machine. Unfortunately I can only find one with an audio track laid over and can no longer find the original audio version … where she screams her lungs out into a megaphone and whips the crowd into a frenzy. And her legs. Her legs look are crazy pinwheels of fun, folks. 
  • Chalese Marie BSB 2013 video to Kanye West’s “In It” — the best-timed shoe bangs, ever.
  • AnneMarie Davies’ performance to “Angel” by Massive Attack. I still love dancing to this song in private, but after watching AM’s Midwest Pole Convention performance …
  • Marlo Fisken’s “Glassdrops” video. If you haven’t seen it, go find it and watch it. Do it now. You’re welcome. 

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