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Flight Lady Chicago

City of Chicago

The Flying Lady Chicago boat party was EPIC!  So much fun pole dancing on a boat for The Flying Lady Chicago.  Going upside down and spinning was a trip, with the boat rocking…insane!  We rode the boat out to a place called The Play Pen, got to see the city of Chicago up close and personal. With all the other boats there, we had an audience and the rush of dancing for a bunch of fun in the sun strangers was a moment to treasure forever.  A huge thank you to the owners of the boat we were on, David and Scottie.  An even bigger thank you to Michelle Heller (Micheller) for inviting me in the first place!  Michelle is the owner of a new studio Flight Fitness Studio.  Stay tuned to their Facebook page to find out when the grand opening will be.  

Watch this video to catch the action!

In this video you can spot Annemarie Davies, Holly Satori, Michelle Heller, C Kay Polerina and Ashley Norton.  The summer may be coming to an end, but the memories from the day will last forever.  We were out there for a good five hours.  Drinks, new friends and new way to pole dance.  You have to try pole dancing on a boat at least once in your life!  Love live The Flying Lady Chicago! United Pole Artists Pole News is a place where news from around the world regarding pole dancing is shared.  This is an original story.  UPA writes and or gathers news and stories for you so you don’t miss a thing.  Have something to add to this story?  If you are a registered UPA user, you can sign in, leave a comment and let us know what you think.  Have something to add to this story?  We would love to hear from you!    

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