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My first Pole Dance competition was NUDE.

Written By; Lindsey “Lin Tutu” Teall

“Miss Nude USA” and “Miss Nude International” opened my eyes to the world of naked art. A memorable and inspirational time in my life. Loads of gorgeous, naked entertainers, featured performers and traveling porn stars surrounding me as they mingled in the dressing room, prepared for their acts, autographed body parts, and posed for photographers for porn magazines.
 Within the first 4 months of getting into the industry, I decided to enter “Miss Nude USA”. I learned a few pole tricks, had previous theatre experience, and I had danced for over 15 years. I really wanted to be a part of something fresh and exciting. Something where I could combine all my performing arts passions.
 This would also be my first time dancing FULLY nude. Up to this point, panties stayed on, and I liked it that way. Safer, in my opinion. Nobody sticking their fingers places you don’t want them.
 But this was the perfect opportunity to lose the thong and gain that confidence I so desperately craved.


 “If you can dance fully naked in front of a club filled with randy
men and women
. . . you can probably do anything.”
 That said, it’s not for everyone. However, competing nude in these competitions taught me things that I have now realized are not only invaluable, but also not always common knowledge or information that is readily available. Not even in the Pole Community. So if you’ve made it this far, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the read. Because I’m going to tell you exactly what competing nude taught me (and include a small excerpt from my book.)
‘’ Miss Nude USA.’’ Chloe loudly spewed into my face, seeming irate that she was made to say it twice.
 ‘’Are you doing it or what?’’
 ‘’I still don’t know what it is, Chloe, or what I would need. . .’’
 She interrupted rudely, which didn’t surprise me at all. I had actually anticipated it.
 ‘’You’ll need a show,’’ She stuck up her hand and pointed to each of her phalanges. ‘’Costumes, music, props, some tricks, and a theme behind all of it.’’
She forcefully took a drag off of her cigarette.
 ‘’Oh yeah, and you also have to get naked. Hence: Miss Nude.’’
 Chloe gave me a sly grin and look of playful distaste, most likely insinuating that I was a prudish goody goody. I played along, continuing to lightly apply my makeup.
 Sitting on the makeup table farthest from dressing room door, Chloe smirked and fiddled with her boobs inside of her bra. It was far too small for her, and was overflowing with cleavage. She finished her cigarette and put it out in the nearest ash tray, which just happened to be the one sitting directly across from my right arm. The manner in which she extinguished it told me this: ‘’I’ve won.’’ She jumped off of the table, causing a small earthquake effect, and casually strode away. Before she could reach her own table, I replied.

 ‘’Yeah, that sounds like something I’d be interested in.’’
The bosom-y diva swung around. I carefully analyzed her reaction as I finished my makeup, pretending not to care.
 ‘’Yeah?’’ She lit another cigarette, more elegantly this time. One hip popped as she brushed a strand behind her ear. Her hand fell onto her popped hip, and she took a deep drag. Almost too much for even the almighty Chloe to take in, and she struggled with it on the way out.
 ‘’Definitely.’’ I responded after a couple of seconds. ‘’It sounds like a challenge.’’
 Now finished, I gathered my things for going out onto the floor. I had been at the club a little over a month, and was beginning to get the hang of things. Chloe and the other girls knew this, and had (recently) become a little more intimidated. Stripper etiquette aside, there was an underlying competitive nature about this industry. I had no problem with it. Everyone had to hustle to make their living, it was just the nature of the game. But underneath all of the cutthroat and ambition, were some strong, talented, sacrificial and self-sufficient women.
 ‘’Girl, are you ready now or what?’’
  She walked over to me and stood just inches away from my face and smiled.
 ‘’Are you ready, fucker?’’ She asked in a more polite tone, her button set on repeat, apparently very eager to get out to her audience tonight.
 I didn’t say a word, but returned her playful grin. I stood, and we walked out of the dressing room, side-by-side.


 Dancing and competing naked gave me confidence. It also taught me a lot about costumes, reveals, and props. What should I take off when, what needed to be underneath to tie all costume pieces into the theme? How many  different things could I use to pour, spray, smear or spill onto me, and which movements would make me look as sexy as possible in the process? Which pole moves would impress the judges the most, and how to keep them both dynamic and relevant? I learned to move smoothly, how to be sexy, playful and perhaps even silly at the same time. “Sex on stage”. . .but also so much more than that! I saw it as an art form, just waiting to be tapped into.
 If you’re reading this, and you’ve never seen a nude competition, please search the internet, until you are able to find a video of one (if any even exist)! They are not only something of our past, but also our present. “The present? How is that possible? We definitely do not get naked in Pole Competitions now.”

So here’s what I mean.

 My first Miss Nude Pageant, I created a set that involved a nurse theme, 80’s rock music, and a whole lot of fake blood. I had a blast! And so did the audience and judges, because I won first for my division. So maybe blood pouring down my naked, nipple erect chest, and onto see-through white panties make it look like that time of month had just happened. Who cares? It was a hit. (I then proceeded to cut my panties off at the end of my act).
 A few years later, I was watching random competitions videos on YouTube, and I came across a video of Bailey Day, one of the most gorgeous, amazing dancers in Pole Dance today. And she was doing a very similar act in Miss Pole Dance Australia (did you all see the size of her syringe?!). Was I upset? Hell no! I was thrilled. And chances are, she probably never even saw my videos or photos in CHERI magazine all those years ago.
My point is this. . .Modern-Day Pole and many competitions have been majorly influenced by Nude Pole Competitions and Pageants (e.i. “stripping”).

And it’s not a bad thing at all!
(Here are more examples)

  1. THE WORK.
 Most people don’t realize how much work it is to be an entertainer. How much effort and time goes into a single show. Costumes, makeup, lighting, props, routines. Even underwear! Successful dancers also abide by exercise and diet regimens. Now, by no means do I mean starvation or 300 crunches and push ups every day, but healthy eating to keep your body going at it’s maximum potential (and also just keeping your ass in shape). No one wants a flabby stripper or dancer.
 In my experience, the amount of work that is put into a good feature entertainer’s show, compared to a routine in a modern-day pole competition is almost exactly the same. Both exotic performer and athletic competitor will train for months, even years, to achieve what they’ve learned. The networking is never-ending. Appearing at events is everything. Creating a character is key. All of these things and more we share in common.

 Not really. Even though (obviously) one competition is naked, the other clothed, both require costumes and props. So, yeah, nude competitions and pageants are a sexy, even raunchy, over the top type of show, and many Pole competitions are typically more focused on athleticism. Then there’s also an in-between combination of the two. BUT, the majority of these shows require costumes and props. Some may come off sooner than others, some may not come off at all. But we as performers, put so much effort and time into our costumes, and they can be the key that ties our theme, music and concept together. So clothing is not optional. At least not in the beginning!


 We do it to inspire, to make people feel something. Ranging from sexy/exotic, to dramatic, to comedic dance, I’ve seen it all present in both worlds, naked and clothed.

 Let’s just face it. There are too many similarities to even count.

 Many dancers enter and compete in Nude competitions for exposure and publicity. Yes, the titles and winnings are always nice and a fantastic goal, but they also want to meet agents, brands, companies, celebrities, etc. It’s key to network in the adult entertainment industry. And in my opinion, in our current Pole community as well.

I have deeply fallen in love with both Pole Competitions and Nude Pageants since the start of my Pole journey. And I will continue to compete in both for as long as I can, even if I’m not always “in it to win it”.

 Do what you are passionate about, no matter what. Strip those clothes off, until you’re as naked as the day you were born into this world. Or keep your clothing on and dance your heart out.
  It’s all beautiful, it’s all art. It’s all Pole.
Titles include:
 1st place Miss Nude USA, Newcomer Division
 1st place Miss Nude International, Newcomer Division
 “Best Tricks” and “Best Ass”

About Lindsey:

Lindsey, also known as ”Lin Tutu”, resides in St. Louis with her three children and fiancé.  A former professional Ballet and Contemporary dancer, she transitioned to Pole in 2009, and is currently a dance instructor, performer, competitive and exotic dancer. She is also the creator of ”Ballet Sensual”, a sexy Ballet class, which uses the technique and fundamentals of Ballet, while inspiring students to find their inner sensuality

Instagram: @lin.tutu

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