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Glasgow University Pole Club Worries Parents

Huddersfield University Pole Club was recently featured in the news as a new club organized by it’s students. It’s no secret that other Universities across the UK also have pole clubs and some have pretty impressive numbers. Glasgow University’s club boasts 170 members to date and put on a showcase last night. Organizers have admitted that some parents are concerned about their daughters performing on the pole (some of the athletes as young as 17), but regardless, the school is very supportive of the club. In this article about the showcase, the first line is, “Writhing semi-naked as they perform their raunchy routines, these young women look like professional pole-dancers.” Are these routines actually raunchy? Based on their photos, they don’t look like it, but what do we know. This could be another attempt to blast pole dancing or they could be speaking the truth, in which case, is this appropriate for 17 year old girls? You decide. Click here to read.

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