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Owner of Embody Pole Fitness and UPA contributor, Diana Renee Boyle, reviews different grip aids!

A self-proclaimed grip aid addict, I believe grip aids enable me to practice more confidently and most importantly help me not fall off the pole. Because let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how strong your grip is – if your hands are wet, they will not stick to the pole, end of story. If you can’t stick to the pole, it’s going to be tough learning the very moves necessary to build the strength you need to improve your grip, not to mention sliding around the pole with water dripping off my hands.
The best way to know whether a product will work for you is to try it out yourself, however, a review list always helps point you in the right direction. I love reviews! I’ve put together a list of grip aids that I personally have used.
Photo provided by Diana Renee
Does water drip off your hands?
Tite Grip Antiperspirant-Antiperspirant, you read it right. This water sucking product really does work. I can’t use it alone, but regardless of needing a little help, it actually dries my skin up quite well. I would put it on 10 minutes before you’re ready to touch the pole, as I found it worked best when allowed to completely dry. It may feel slightly tacky at first, but the tackiness quickly disappears. A little bit of a scent, spearmint leaf oil.

Prince Grip PlusNon-sticky, quick-drying, gel-like consistency, this fantastic product dries to a chalky white. It will suck the wet right out! Lightly scented, it coats you white, but washes right off with soap and water. I pair this with Tite Grip and a tiny bit of alcohol.

Dry Hands Non-sticky, very similar composition as Prince Grip. Comes in 2 sizes, 1 small and 1 a bit larger. This grip will also leave also you looking powdery. It wears off a bit quickly. It works very similarly to Prince Grip, without lasting as long.
Too Dry? Need a little help sticking on the pole?
Mighty Grip Powder – Comes in a tiny bottle, but yields a big punch, claims 150 applications per bottle. It is a light, heat-activated powder and no powdery coating. Best for you folks with drier hands, I never had any luck with this one, I sweat.
iTAC2 Level 2 –A long-lasting, water-repellent grip. Has different levels, Level 2 is recommended for pole dancing. Made of organic beeswax and leaves no powdery residue. There are many who love iTAC, I personally found it to leave me with sticky, wet hands. I seemed to sweat more, right under the iTAC.
Gorilla Gold Grip – A towel covered with grip solution that you can pat on to your hands, body, or pole. Gorilla Gold Grip does repels moisture, but it was way too sticky for my tastes and I had the same problem as I do with iTAC, sweaty under the sticky. Again, one best tried by the dry hand folks.
Dry, ashy, scaly will no longer plague pole dancers everywhere!
What all of these products have in common…Glycerin! Every pole dancers answered prayer.
Vaseline Total Moisture-Have always loved Vaseline lotion, it reminds me of when I was a kid, now I love it even more! Yes indeed your pole dreams have been answered, you can put lotion on, not only that but it will actually make you the perfect amount of sticky. You know that perfect sticky, after you’re very warmed up, with just a touch perspiration on your body, this is how I feel after apply the miracle that is Vaseline Total Moisture. Few tidbits, put in on a few hours before poling for best results. Wash it off your hands, it doesn’t work quite as well on the palms as everywhere else. Play around with the amount that works for you. This is best paired with another grip aid for hands, I use with Prince. It was lightweight and absorbs quickly into my skin with leaving any greasy residue and left it feeling soft. The scent is not overwhelming and has a light fresh scent, lovely to use the day of poling and so excited to no longer be referred to as “Alligator Lady”. Yes, it’s true ingredient #2 Glycerin!
Dew Point Pole – A clear liquid you spray on your body to give you that light sticky feeling and moisturize. Made of, you guessed it glycerin and water. It comes in various strengths. I find it a bit expensive, especially when stacked up to Vaseline, which is super cheap, less than my morning Starbucks. I found the strongest to work best for me. Be sure to spray this into your hands then rub it in, rather than directly on your body, if it gets on a hardwood floor it becomes VERY slippery.
Victoria Secret Body Spray-YES! I know, it is so deliciously perfect. Smells gorgeous and sticks me to the pole like Spidey. Took a look at the ingredients and yes, glycerin is one of the top ingredients. Definitely read the labels because on some scents glycerin isn’t present or very far down the list. Thank the pole gods for this one, by my 3rd class in I need something.
Look younger, heal bruises…Glycerin! If you need more convincing, consider that glycerin has been shown to provide a protective barrier, help the skin cells mature properly and aid bruised and swollen skin. Glycerin does make skin feel much softer. So something must be going on.In turns out that recent studies have shown that glycerin helps degrade the corneodesmosomes that hold skin cells together. The end effect of this degradation is more shedding of the outer layer of skin and ultimately smoother-looking skin. Its moisturizing properties help skin looking young, soft and smooth. It also draws oxygen into the skin, which is beneficial for anti-aging as well.
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