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  “It is probable pole dancing started in America in the 1920’s depression with dancers in traveling shows using a tent pole as a prop. The relationship to Chinese poles is unclear, Chinese troupes performed in Barnum and Bailey’s circus from 1914 but they did not perform on poles.[1]” Read the full Wikipedia entry I find this to be very interesting. There have been many things said about where pole dancing originated from. I must admit, I, and many that I know, thought it came from the strip clubs. But, realistically, it must have started before the clubs were even made. Where would they have gotten the idea to dance on poles in the first place??? Many others I know, think that pole dancing started with Chinese acrobats. However, the Chinese jump and jerk on the pole, hardly dancing. Wikipedia says that they did not originally perform on poles any way. So, they must have gotten the idea from these tent dancing people!! It’s amusing to me, personally, because I began pole dancing in the strip clubs and am unashamed of it. There have been many times I’ve had to defend myself against those who didn’t understand the art of pole dancing, later, defending myself against non-stripping pole dancers. Lately, there has been a this sort of talk about pole dancing, something in the form of “I’m not a stripper and never have been”. Well, now we can all relax and simply tell people the truth about where pole dancing originated from. Just to be clear, I know where MY pole dancing originated from, do you??? So, are you a stripper, a Chinese acrobat, or a tent dancer? Something to think about. I am an exotic pole dancer, one that implements pole tricks while moving seductively to the music. My intent while on-stage is to entertain, amuse, inspire and sometimes, make people uncomfortable (in a good way) with just a look. At the end of the show, it’s all about getting a reaction from my audience. I bet that’s what the tent people had in mind when they grabbed onto to those poles for the first time. Now, look at what it has started, something amazing!! Let’s take a good hard look at how it started and how it evolved into what it is now, and be grateful of those tents. 🙂

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