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AKA: a review of some of my
favorite pole wear

The picture below represents about 0.05% of what could conceivably go into my dance bag on any given day. 

Tiny shorts, sports bras, “dress” bras and shorts, shoesssssss, fishnets, leg warmers. Oh, the glorious innards of a pole dancer’s bag! 
These days there are plenty of places you can find pole wear. I’ve reviewed a couple of my favorite places and would love to hear about your favorite places to pole shop!!!

  • Mika Yoga Wear. They ship fast, they’re designed for excellent coverage even when your body is in potentially crotch-tastic positions, and they’re super duper comfortable. A few of my favorites are below–the Mikela short and the Lynn and Linda tops:

  • Bad Kitty. I love love love the bondage top and brazil shorts. Really anything in the PoleFit line. These clothes are seriously fab. Be warned, the brazil shorts aren’t for the faint of heart. They’re little. However, from what I’ve seen, they’re flattering to butts of all sizes, and they stay where they’re told … and that’s what we really care about, yes? And I mean, come ON, look at the back on the Bondage top. If that isn’t designed to show off a gorgeous pole dancer’s back, I don’t know what is. 

  • Rubee Coutoure. If you’re looking to customize with logo, etc., I cannot say enough good things about this line. The side tie shorts are perfectly suited to pole. They stay put, even when the ties are set to stun. And their tops are cut to flatter the female body (sorry guys) so beautifully!

There are other lines I’ve heard great things about but haven’t tried in person so I don’t feel that I can legitimately review them right now: Dragonfly Yogawear, Vertical Vixen, RAD Polewear, Dirdy Birdy, and Venm Dancewear, to name a few. As I mentioned above, I’d LOVE to hear reviews from my fellow Pole’r Bears about your favorite lines! 

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