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In my last post, I listed several videos in which a pole dancer completely schooled a song. Not long after hitting the “publish” button, I was hitting my head against the wall because I’d made one. glaring. omission:

If you’ve never seen this video from Nadia Sharif … you need to.  NEED. to. The character, the eye contact, the innovation, the sassy sensuality … this performance had it all. And let’s not forget having the audacity to blow a kiss to the audience mid-performance. She brought the house down in an instant, and rightfully so. 
When mere mortal pole dancers (like me!) watch a video like this, it’s easy to tell ourselves that Nadia’s a world-renowned pole celebrity — of course her performance is incredible. Except Nadia wasn’t yet a pole celebrity when she won CPDC. She was certainly getting to be well known in the pole world, but she wasn’t yet a household name. It’s easy to overlook the amount of training and hard work and blood/sweat/tears that go into making this performance incredible. That’s why I was completely overjoyed when Nadia posted this video to accompany her winning CPDC routine:

She tries something, doesn’t like it. Tries it. Doesn’t like it. Tries it AGAIN. Doesn’t like it AGAIN. Twizzles. Again. Again. Again. Drops. Again. Again. Again. Again. Works at it until every single element, every nuance, is tight and perfect. This is how a championship performance is born!
Thanks to Elizabeth for the post suggestion!

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