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Injuries are the bane of all athletes. For pole dancers, wrist pain is one of the most common injuries and it can hamper their progress.

This can be avoided if you have more knowledge about the injury and you’re aware of the ways to lessen its occurrence.

As you read on, you’ll learn more about the causes of sore wrists, a few tips to prevent them, and the best product to use to avoid wrist injuries.


Why Sore Wrists Occur in Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is an intensive sport that requires heavy usage of the wrists. This is why it’s not surprising for those into the sport to experience slight aching or tender wrist pain from time to time. However, disregarding minor wrist pains can lead to serious injuries.

Injuries often happen when wrists are bent in awkward positions, causing incorrect alignment of ligaments. Combine this with the application of excessive pressure and you have the complete recipe for disaster. Chances of getting injured can be reduced if you perform proper stretching and warm-up exercises prior to executing intense pole dancing moves.

Wrist pain may be caused by nerve compression, especially affecting the median, ulnar, and radian nerves located at the bottom of the hands. A mild wrist injury will heal within a few weeks but a severe damage may require several months of rest and treatment to recover.

Remember the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) procedure as a first-aid solution to your muscle injuries.

The fastest way to prevent wrist injuries is to use appropriate wrist supports like those from SneakyDeez.

3 Tips on How to Prevent Sore Wrists Without Wrist Support

You can still prevent or lessen wrist pain in case you donít have your wrist support with you. Here are some tips to remember to avoid sore wrists when youíre pole dancing:

1) Remember to warm up

Doing light wrist stretches help loosen your muscles and make blood flow properly into the region. Wrist warm-ups also improve your wristís flexibility and prep your wrist muscles for any intensive activities ahead.

2) Strengthen your wrist and arms

The most effective long-term solution to wrist injuries is to improve the strength and flexibility of your wrist muscles. Doing wrist curls and similar exercises will improve the muscles in your arms, hands, and wrist area, increasing their stability to handle strenuous tasks.

3) Take a rest

You may be disregarding mild strains but they may evolve into bigger problems when compounded through time. Remember to take a rest and let your muscles recover. Overexerting your muscles will not improve them but instead cause injuries that may affect you for the rest of your athletic career.

Athletes who have damaged wrists are usually advised to reduce the range of motion they perform with their wrists. Some are also forced to wear splints to prevent excessive movement and wrist rotation. If you feel a mild pain in your wrists that has been persisting for a few days, it’s best to consult a physician immediately. You should also avoid activities that will increase muscle compression to prevent further wrist damage.

Recommended Wrist Support for Pole Dancers (Fast Solution)

The SneakyDeez wrist supports are specially designed for pole dancing, gymnastics, weight lifting, yoga and similar sports that rely heavily on wrist movements.

SneakyDeez creator, Masha Pinner, is a pole dancing teacher and had her fair share of wrist discomfort throughout her years of teaching. She tried several wrist support available on the market but none of them was fit for pole dancing and gymnastics. This inspired her to create her own wrist support specifically made for her beloved sport.

SneakyDeez wrist support provides the following benefits to your wrists when doing strenuous activities:

  • It reinforces your wrists by compacting the nerves and muscle fibers found in them. Imagine the muscle fibers on your wrist as individual plastic straws that can’t do much unless they’re bundled together. Sneaky Deez does the same in strengthening and stabilizing your wrist muscles to reduce the burden applied to them.
  • The semi-hard core of the wristband provides additional support to the wrist even when huge amounts of pressure is applied during exercise. This extends your endurance to do handstands and other moves that put incredible amounts of pressure on your wrists.

Unlike wristbands from other brands which are cut from new materials, bands from Sneaky Deez are eco-friendly because they reuse excess Lycra materials from large retailers in the fashion industry. This makes the colorful designs and cute prints of SneakyDeez wrist supports unique from anything available in the market.

The Sneaky Deez wrist support also fits all wrist sizes, thanks to its Velcro strap and stretchy design. It allows you to increase or decrease the pressure on your wrist for the best comfort. Other brands have a fixed sizing for their wrist supports which can be uncomfortable to wear if you chose the wrong fit.

Other brands offer stable and strong wrist supports but they’re quite bulky and are not meant for pole dancing. Wrist supports from Sneaky Deez are quite subtle and they’re not obstructive to any pole work. Theyíre also very flexible compared to the wristbands other brands offer.



Wrist injuries or, in fact, any kind of injury can set you back from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the severity of the damage. There are ways to prevent them with warm ups but the best option is to wear wrist supports for that much needed additional support.

There are many sports wristbands on the market but only those from SneakyDeez are specifically designed for pole dancing and many people are using them with great results just look at their Instagram.

They offer improved wrist stability without sacrificing your flexibility, allowing you to move your wrist freely in any direction.

We suggest you get a wrist support from SneakyDeez to greatly reduce the chances of getting your wrist injured during your pole dancing sessions. Remember that prevention is always better than cure.

Sneakydeez are perfect for pole dancing, yoga, gymnastics and other high intensity sports.

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