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My husband and I are having twins. They will be our first children and we’re super excited (and kind of terrified lol). So in honor of the fact that I’m carrying my own little UPA Poler Bear doubles troupe, I decided to share my all-time favorite doubles videos with you. Hope you enjoy!!!

The one where they introduced “The Terminator”

The one where they went all Mad Scientist

Love. Just love.

 How’s this for an entrance? And mad skills with a prop?

I linked to my favorite Enchanted routine a few posts ago … but here’s a close second for me!

You probably already know how Michelle Shimmy ROCKS the pole solo, but did you know she was also a super talented doubles performer? Of all the videos in my doubles playlist, I think this one takes the cake for aerial doubles transitions. They. stay. in. the. air. forever. And they are constantly moving, constantly changing. Whaaaaat.


Remi and Eike are nuts. In an awesome way. Let’s hear it for Chinese pole!

Synchronized anything is tough. Synchronized awesomeness like this? Geez.

No pole in sight. But I couldn’t possibly leave this video out in the cold. It’s mesmerizing. Absolutely mesmerizing.

I know, I know, I left out A-B-C and X-Y-Z. Please share your favorites that I missed. There are SO MANY fantastic doubles performers out there and I don’t know them all … but I want to! 😉

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