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Have you ever said that to yourself?
Maybe it’s time to stop trying. Yes, I said *stop* trying. I don’t mean permanently; rather, I mean that sometimes you have to take a break from a move in order to get it. I know that sounds woefully counterintuitive, but I’ve seen it happen time and again with my students. Heck, it’s happened to me several times. Except with superman, which has continued to elude me for so long that I’ve shelved it indefinitely. Leen Isabel, I’m with you on this one. Boo!
But anyway, back to shelving for the sake of saving your sanity. 
When you give yourself permission to stop trying so hard to get. that. one. trick! you give yourself permission to start enjoying dance again. And even though your mind’s free of the frustrations and tension of the ARGHHH, it’ll continue to process the ARGHHH move somewhere in the back. It’s astounding, really. Then, at some point, you’ll think “hey, I haven’t tried that move in a long time. I wonder…” and boom. I’ve seen it often enough that I believe in the power of giving up (temporarily)! Pole dancing should be FUN! Don’t let some pesky trick get in your way! Push yourself in other ways–push yourself to put yourself into your dance, to be more fluid in both your tricks and your transitions (’cause it ain’t dancing without transitions!!!), toperfect the moves and tricks you know.
Let it go. Just let it go, and when you’re ready, you’ll do it.

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