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The International Pole Sports Federation has come one step closer to its dream of seeing Pole Sports accepted into the Olympics. The organization recently received a letter from The Federation of International Gymnastics and SportAccord stating IPSF has been recognized as the governing body of Pole.  This means they are now able to complete an application that will recognize IPSF as an international federation and Pole as an official and non-Olympic sport.

This is part of the process to to accepted into the Olympics since this is where Olympic sports are selected from. FIG has also informed IPSF that it will not oppose Pole Sports being included in the World Games. This is a multi-sport competition for all sports not included in the Olympics. IPSF and Pole Sports have also been invited to compete at the World Urban Games which host edgy Olympic and non-Olympic sports such as basketball, BMX, skateboarding and free running.

Update to this article on February 5, 2018:

Jenny Anderson, a writer for Sports Fitness Advisor, recently wrote and published a guide.It is spread over multiple pages (30k+ words in total) and packed with practical tips and advice. This is completely free and you can find it here:

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