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International Women’s Day is Coming.  A day that reminds us of the fight for gender equality and empowerment.  And we know that Pole empowers us all!  We want by invite you to join a special movement we are organizing to commemorate this day. Pole is a dance, a sport or an activity that celebrates the strength in women, so we want to tell the world the many ways in which pole empowers women! All you have to do is take a picture of yourself on the pole, wearing purple, official Women’s Day colour, and share it with a phrase or parragraph telling us how pole empowers you!

Use the hashtags “empoweredbypole” and “rescuedbypole,” as well as UPA’s hashtag #unitedbypole” and our host #peaceandpolebynina. We will be sharing some of these posts during the entire month of March, to help inspire more women, and to let the world know how special pole is. If you want to share your story but remain anonymous, you can email us the story without a picture to pa We can’t wait to hear your inspiring stories with pole!

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