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Finally – a pole dancing magazine has become main stream! Pole Spin Magazine has hit book stores across the country including Barnes & Knobles, Borders and magazine stands to share with everyone the art that is pole dancing. As an already main stream magazine in the poling community, Pole Spin brings us one step closer to changing society’s view and perspective about pole dancing. Check out UPA’s interview with Pole Spin Magazine’s Founder, Tinu Ola! What does this mean for the poling community? I definitely think this will make it easier for a lot of pole businesses and individuals to proudly say what it is they do for fitness or chosen form of profession as an instructor. The magazine heading to the mainstream market will help boost businesses and morals worldwide directly and indirectly. Everybody benefits from the publications success whether they choose to admit it or not. The publicity it will bring to all those featured in it is priceless. The publication is becoming a magazine for the masses and not just for the pole community anymore. This is where people looking in from the outside can now get all the resources, news and current updates in the sport. It is the number one source and one reader said it best, “The Vogue magazine of pole fitness”. We are really flattered by that reference. It means top quality! What does it mean to Pole Spin Magazine to be sold in major bookstores across the country? HUGE! I still want someone to pinch me. I can’t believe it’s really happening, all within a year of launching the publication! This should make life a little easier for all pole fitness practitioners worldwide to be able to say, “It is a huge sport now, haven’t you heard it’s now in major bookstores?”. This will definitely help in shedding the misconceptions of pole fitness as a strip show. We already push the envelope by featuring kids in pole fitness. We are big advocates of that and will always remain part of our editorial concept. That in itself will make mothers around the world feel more comfortable to tell their friends that they allow their kids to pole. Parents now trust the magazine. It’s all about presentation and we have successfully managed to brand the magazine as a family friendly publication. What kind of work did it take to get Pole Spin to where it is now? A lot of work and team effort. I had a vision and wanted to see it come to life so bad. I sacrificed the time I had to finish my upcoming shoe related book to work on the magazine. It hurt me to the core that I could not freely tell people I practice pole dancing for fitness because there was absolutely nothing out there for me to show them as a reference to better understand the beauty of the sport. I made a vow to myself to make it happen and to go all the way. And that all happened in less than a year. We are only about 20% through, there are many more plans and projects still coming. I hope our growing readers worldwide will participate. We are only just getting started. When will the first issue be in stores? April 12, 2011. It will be available at Borders, Barnes and Nobles and select newsstands. People can contact us for locations in their area by providing us with their city , state and zip codes. We will look it up in our database. Will the magazine change in any way now that it’s being sold in stores? Yes, we are reducing the cover price starting with the July-Sept 2011 issue from $9.99 to $7.99 and creating a special price of $9.99 for our Canadian and Mexican readers who were formally paying $15 with other international readers. We hope to be able to offer the magazine for much less than that one day. Baby steps. We plan on launching something very close to the heart by Summer 2011. This will lead to our Oct-Dec 2011 issue which we intend to go all the way. It is a very special issue for us. It is the official release date of the publication’s print edition. Although we started designing it in June and printed in July, October was when it actually came out publicly. So Oct-Dec 2011 is our birthday issue. We are going to be celebrating it in a very nice away. Hope you all like it. Had it always been Pole Spin’s goal to be sold in stores? No! That actually happened by accident! We of course prayed it would happen one day but definitely not this soon. To find a reputable distributor in the magazine world is like asking to see the face of God. Luckily for us, our distributor believed in us, our concept and uniqueness of presentation. They like originality and we fit the bill to a science. Prior to the distribution, we had only focused on studio sales, independent distributors worldwide and direct sales on our website via for subscriptions. Now we simply add newsstand/bookstore marketability to our list of places to get the magazine. What kind of emotions are running through the Pole Spin Magazine halls? Tears of joy and congratulations to one another. I shed a few tears when the news came in that we got picked up for distribution. The distributor doesn’t deal with small potato companies like us, they are used to dealing with big companies. It is a true blessing to have them in our corner. They are very impressed with our work and want to help us grow. It is a true blessing. When was Pole Spin Magazine founded? The website version of the publication launched August 1, 2010, we started designing the print edition pages by June 30, 2010 just in time to include the coverage of the competitors of the American Pole Fitness Championships 2010 we featured. I remember going after each competitors for their images. They had never had to do anything like it before for any competition. So many of them thought I was crazy when I requested for their images for the premiere issue. They were more than happy when they saw the end results when the premiere issue arrived. It finally made sense to them. Prior to Pole Spin, there was none like it in the market, a magazine that focused on the sport side of the industry and commercially viable in the mainstream. Having an online digital page turner doesn’t count as a magazine, that is no different from a blog or online news outlet. I wanted something tangible, respectful of the sport and well represented in the very competitive mainstream market that you could easily put right next to the likes of Sport’s Illustrated and call a REAL magazine. We absolutely had none worldwide until Pole Spin magazine arrived, hence the reason why we say “first of its kind for the pole fitness sport”. It is very true. We are afterall the first to also hit the mainstream newsstands and bookstores. No one can take that worldwide historical fact away from the magazine. With all the buzz about pole dancing in the Olympics we have to ask…what is Pole Spin’s take on pole dancing in the Olympics? We published our readers comments about this topic in our Jan-Mar 2011 issue. Like any professional news anchor or reputable journalist, we prefer to remain neutral on this topic and not impose our values on others. The industry is very divided by this topic. We have been careful to serve both sides equally so far. Special thanks to Tinu Ola for participating in our interview to learn more about Pole Spin Magazine! Make sure to get your copy now at a major bookstore near you!

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