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IPSF’s World Pole Sport Championship London Finals Today! Women’s Finalists: Sinyachenko, Polina aka Pink Puma (Ukraine) Tatarintseva, Natalia (Ukraine) Snopova, Iuliia (Russia) Venselaar, Hanka (Netherlands) Clack, Venessa (Republic of South Africa) Plescova, Alesia (Israel) Littlewood-Johnson, Joanna (Australia) Marchetti, Alessandra (Italy) Tomashova, Natalia (Russia) Rame, Maria (Argentina) Men’s Finalists: Wandresen, Guilherme (Brazil) Saunier, Guillaume (France) Greshilov, Evgeny (Russia) Naka, Kazuya (Japan) Modestine, Jean (United Kingdom) Finals are today! Congrats to everyone who has advanced from preliminaries to the finals. We can’t wait to see who will win! Tell us who you think the top 3 will be, write to us on Twitter – @UPArtists!

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